You may be at risk of becoming homelessness if you

  • Are likely to become homeless within the next 56 days 
  • Have received a valid notice to quit (S21 notice - this means your landlord is ending your tenancy)  
  • Have received a notice that landlord requires possession of accommodation (NOSP) which expires within 56 days.  

If you are risk of becoming homeless please read our advice and guidance on this site before contacting us. 

What support we can offer

  • Help you stay in your home by talking to your landlord or family members/friends you are currently living with
  • Help you find alternative accommodation 
  • Signpost you to agencies that can assist if you are at risk of becoming homeless 
  • Allocate you a support worker to assist you with any matters relating to your tenancy 

Private tenants  

If you are renting privately, to be evicted your landlord must send you a valid Section 21 or Section 8 Notice.  

You can only get a section 21 notice if you have an assured shorthold tenancy and a section 8 notice will only be valid if you've got an assured or assured shorthold tenancy.

Check what type of tenancy you have

If you know you have a section 21 notice please see here for more information.

For a section 8 notice please see here.

If your notice is valid or you are at risk of homelessness for another reason 

Please click on this link to complete a housing self-assessment. The form will inform you on what support is available and what is likely to happen next depending on your situation. If you are required to register on our system we will contact you and you may need to provide the following supporting documents and information. 

  • Proof of identity (e.g. passport, driving licence) 
  • Contact details for the landlord/excluder  
  • Birth certificates (if relevant) 
  • Proof of any benefits or income 
  • Recent bank statements 

What happens next 

After we have spoken to you, you may be invited in for an appointment with a Housing Advisor to complete a Full Housing Assessment. This assessment will support the development of your Personalised Housing Plan (PHP). 

In this plan you will be given actions to do to prevent your homelessness. These actions will agreed by you with your Housing Advisor.  

You need to work with us 

We may not help you if you: 

  • Refuse to work with us 
  • Do not carry out the tasks in your Personalised Housing Plan you agreed to 

We hope that by completing the actions in your Personalised Housing Plan and with our support we will help relieve your homelessness. We will try to help you secure a six-month assured short hold tenancy in the private rented sector.