The Intake Reablement Team is a short-term home care team, which focuses on helping people to regain skills that they may have lost, due to hospital admission or illness.

Staff from the Intake Reablement Team focus on people's abilities and help promote the individual's independence, by encouraging them to undertake daily tasks by themselves.

How our team works

For up to 6 weeks, the Home Care Workers, under the direction of the Care Team Leader, will work intensively with citizens to enable them to regain skills and achieve independence at home.
They will closely monitor the progress being made by each citizen and will adjust the level of care provided as their independence increases.

The Home Care Workers record this progress daily in the citizen's Care Plan, and also attend weekly team meetings to discuss the care of all citizens.

It is predicted that during this period with the Intake Reablement Team, the care needs of citizens will decrease.
In many cases, they will regain total independence.
If the care provision is required to continue, our staff will hand over the Care Plan to an Independent Sector Home Care Provider.

The Intake Reablement Team, in partnership with citizens and their carers, will:

  • Provide a responsive  Home Care service to meet the assessed needs of citizens and let them live in their own homes
  • Involve citizens fully in the development of their Care Plan
  • Centre our service on the citizen and focus on improving their quality of life
  • Strive to achieve this quality of life through positive, professional practice between our staff and their citizens
  • Fully involve carers in the care planning process, where appropriate

What our service users and their carers say about the Intake Reablement service:

'Words cannot tell how excellent the ladies have been - they will be sadly missed...all of them are worth their weight in gold.'

'All the carers were lovely. Their attitude was excellent and they all seemed to enjoy the work. They were a pleasure to meet.'

'The care I received was first class. Kindness, politeness and companionship.'

'Excellent service - couldn't find fault. The girls were cheerful, friendly and helpful, it made my job much easier and they instilled confidence in my wife'.

What the Care Quality Commission says about the Intake Reablement Team:

"The quality rating for this agency is Three star excellent service".

and they were told by people using our service:

"They have been absolutely 'top-notch', absolutely excellent. I couldn't have asked for anything nicer."