Deaf Services

The Deaf Service provides support to deaf people of all ages, different cultures, disabilities and backgrounds.

We provide communication equipment and flashing light/vibrating equipment to alert deaf people to everyday aspects like: the doorbell, a smoke alarm, a telephone call or a baby crying.

The Dual Sensory Service

We provide services to children and adults who experience difficulty with both their vision and hearing. This includes blind and partially sighted people who are also deaf or hard of hearing.

The service provides specialist knowledge and skills that can enable people to continue with many every day activities such as:

  • Helping you to develop skills such as mobility to enable independent travel and daily living activities such as preparing meals
  • Providing access to other services and organisations such as Talking Book Machines and the community fire service
  • Providing advice and information about applying for special equipment and funding
  • Delivering training such as typing, teaching you and those close to you the Deafblind manual and other communication methods
  • Access to information such as helping you get your bills in large print

Anyone with a dual sensory impairment can be referred to us. Many people refer themselves, but others are referred by the hospital, family, friends, neighbours or other professionals.

Assessment: In order to find out what type of support you may need we will work in partnership with you, your family, your carer and other professionals, such as your GP, to complete an assessment.

Our assessment and use of our eligibility criteria will assist us to decide if you or a carer qualify for a service. Alternatively we may recommend other services, voluntary organisations, self-help groups or specialist equipment.

Registration: Information on registering as severely sight impaired/blind or sight impaired/partially sighted is offered. We also keep a voluntary register of people who have a dual sensory impairment.

Equipment Loan Service: The Team has a small sample of specialist equipment that can be issued on loan for a limited period so you can check it is suitable before purchasing.

The Visual Impairment Service

The Visual Impairment Service offers a social care and rehabilitation service to children and adults with a visual impairment. Anyone with a visual impairment can be referred to us, but if you are not sure whether our service is appropriate then give us a call and we will advise you.

The Service is staffed by experienced Rehabilitation Officers, who have knowledge and skills in rehabilitation that can enable people to continue with many activities, both in their own homes and in their local communities. We can also enable people to learn new skills.

Our services include:

  • Developing your skills such as mobility to enable independent travel
  • Helping you with daily living tasks such as preparing meals and managing money
  • training in communication such as learning Braille and typing skills advice on technology such as access software and accessible mobile phones
  • Advice on the provision of social care support such as Direct Payments or Self Directed Support
  • Advice and information about applying for specialist equipment and funding
  • Access to other organisations and services such as supporting applications for Guide Dogs and Talking Book Machines
  • Referral to other services such as housing support, benefits advice or occupational therapy

Assessment: In order to find out what type of support you may need we will ask you, your family and friends for help in completing an assessment.

As a result of this assessment we may recommend to you a programme of rehabilitation, other services and/or specialist equipment. For some services you may need to be assessed for your ability to make a contribution towards your care under the Fairer Charging scheme.

Registration: To be certified as severely sight impaired/ blind or sight-impaired/partially sighted your GP needs to refer you to the consultant ophthalmologist at the Eye Clinic in your local hospital. A copy of the certificate is then sent to the Team for Registration purposes. We will then contact you to give you information, advice and to discuss our services.

A text and reply service is in operation for citizens and the representatives/carers on 0794 4040073. This is available 09:00 - 5:00pm excluding bank holiday and weekends. This is for the use of citizens only.

Contact Us

Telephone: 0300 131 0300 (Option 1 & then 2 for Social Care)

To use typetalk use the prefix 18001

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