Information on cards which can make access for disabled people easier.

Disability identification cards allow you to show other people that you have a disability and need some support. This might be to use special facilities or to take advantage of special offers, for example, free entry for a support worker.

Card suppliers

National Disability Support Organisations

Many national disability support organisations provide cards for the people they support. Contact them directly to see what they offer and how to apply.

CredAbility Access Card

The Access Card from CredAbility covers a wide range of needs of disabled people and a wide range of venues and services. This is a national scheme that commits organisations involved in providing a quality service to people with a disability.

It is accepted as evidence by these organisations that you need special support or are eligible for their offers. The support or offers varies depending on the organisation.

Although all providers should make reasonable adjustments so their service is accessible at no extra cost, the Access Card aims to make it quicker and easier to speak to many providers via one application.
A single assessment is made based on a person's needs rather than their medical diagnosis, which is then translated into symbols on the Access Card.

The card quickly and discreetly informs providers about the support needed without having to repeatedly explain or provide evidence of a disability.

There will be an initial discount for people applying for the card via NCC:


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