Making a Referral to Open Door

The Open Door Project is a Nottingham City Council day service for people with enduring mental health issues. We offer a range of activities at Open Door, both at the project and in the community, and work with people individually and in groups, using a wide range of psychoeducational approaches.

If you have a service user who is interested in coming to The Open Door Project, then we would encourage him or her to come for an informal visit to the centre.

To arrange a visit, and for more information about the centre, please telephone 0115 876 3222 or email

Types of referrals

There are three types of referrals:

1) Citizens with a personal budget

The citizen will have already been assessed under the Fairer Access To Care Service (FACS) and the individual, or their broker needs to contact the service and arrange for a care plan to be agreed upon, i.e. types of sessions and the number of sessions required per week. The tariff of charges will be available at the time of enquiry.

2) Self Funder

As above, but the individual will need to let us know that they are not eligible for a personal budget.

3) Citizens who do not have a personal budget and lack the capacity to self fund

These individuals can still be referred to the service, however, they will only be able to access the service on a drop in basis and will not be able to attend timetabled activities or individual therapeutic sessions.

Who can make referrals to Open Door?

Referrals can come from a variety of sources (e.g. Social Workers, Psychiatrists, GPs, individuals) and should be supported by an up to date assessment and any other information that will help the service gain a full understanding of what support is required. This will ensure that a well informed care plan and the package of care is delivered.

Social Work Staff

If the individual you would like to refer has had a self-directed support assessment and would like to use their budget at Open Door, then please complete our referral sheet with relevant information including history, recent risk assessment, the reason for referral and confirmation of panel approved budget. We will then arrange an introductory meeting with the service user to identify an action plan and arrange a start date.


Please send your referral sheet to the relevant social work team so that a self-directed support assessment can be arranged. Once the self-directed support assessment has been completed and the individual has a personal budget in place, we will arrange to meet with him or her regarding their attendance at Open Door.


For City referrals, please send your referral sheet to the Single Point of Access at Highbury Hospital (Fax: 0300 300 0012 or Tel: 0300 300 0010). For County referrals please telephone the Contact Centre on 0300 500 8080. Please request a self-directed support assessment, indicating that your patient wishes to access the Open Door Project.

Examples of how personal budgets have been used at Open Door

Following his self-directed support assessment, Phillip used some of his personal budgets to fund two days a week at Open Door to attend the discussion group and walking group. Phillip also received a one off direct payment to enable him to purchase walking equipment to enable him to access the Open Door walking group and a week long outdoor activity course gaining confidence building and mountaineering skills in Dartmoor.

Tracy uses some of her budgets to attend Open Door two days a week for the walking group, play reading and 1:1 key worker support. Tracy also received direct payments to pay for private piano lessons and a community-based art class.