The Martin Jackaman Centre, in Aspley, provides services for people with physical, sensory and learning disabilities.

About the Martin Jackaman Centre

The Martin Jackaman Centre, in Aspley, provides specialist care for citizens with physical, sensory and learning disabilities to help them lead healthy, active and independent lives.

Upon admission to the service, citizens will be assessed to ensure that all of their individual needs are met throughout the day. We will maintain close links with carers to give full support and advice where needed. We provide an activity based service with links to other agencies. We are able to put you in touch with other organisations that can help you. You are assigned a Keyworker, who will ensure that you get the most out of your attendance at The Martin Jackaman Centre. If you have any problems or issues please speak to your assigned Keyworker or a member of the management team.

Benefits of Martin Jackaman Centre

The Centre aims to develop, maintain and prevent the loss of a person's independence by enabling people to rebuild their confidence, increase socialisation and an overall improvement in their quality of life.

At the Martin Jackaman Centre our services are built around you. Everything from meals and transport to activities and leisure time is tailored to provide you with quality care and enjoyable experiences. The Centre also has a separate unit for people with complex and high sensory support needs.

Activities: We offer a wide range of activities focusing on recreational, educational and life skills. Groups take part in activities such as cooking, gardening, arts and crafts, dance, swimming and bowling. There is also a sensory room which can provide massage, aromatherapy or therapeutic exercises. We also have a training kitchen and coffee bar selling produce that is grown at the Centre. People can also access Evergreen - the city's creative, visual and performing arts groups.

The Centre also boasts a hydrotherapy pool that caters for adults with disabilities.

As our care is person-centred, we try to accommodate for requests made by citizens, for example, suggestions made regarding activities which they would like to take part in.

Transport: We can facilitate transport to and from the centre, for which there is a charge. There is car parking available for visitors to the centre.

Meals: You can have meals with us at the centre. We cater for a range of dietary needs. There is a charge for meals.

Personal care: We provide personal care to those who require it, in a dignified and respectful manner. All our staff are fully trained in this area of care.

Representative groups: The Martin Jackaman Centre has members' representative groups which meet regularly to discuss and input on issues in the centre and in the community as well.


"The Martin Jackaman Centre is a lovely building with great facilities. What makes it special though is the staff. They support and encourage, creating the happy, friendly atmosphere in the centre. Our son loves going and doing the varied activities on and off site. There is never a problem getting him up on his centre days. He is ready and waiting and goes off with a smile on his face. For me that says it all."

"Lawrence enjoys his days at the Martin Jackaman Centre. When I take Lawrence in the morning all I see is happy faces from service users waiting and looking forward to their day at Jackaman's. They have a nice new building, plenty of rooms and a hall. They also have a nice garden for play and sports activity. It's nice to know that they have surroundings. With planned improvements in the building it can only get better. Knowing the staff are all extremely professional makes my day less stressful."

"Martin Jackaman Centre provides a secure and happy environment where a wide variety of activities are provided to suit the particular individual needs of the citizens. Extra ventures at "Evergreen" in drama and role play have helped my daughter with self confidence and self esteem. The staff are patient and understanding of each individual which gives us, the parents and carers, peace of mind whilst my daughter, Hilary is at the Centre."

How to find us

The Martin Jackaman Centre is easily accessible by public transport. To access the centre please catch Nottingham City Transport Number 77 bus.

Contact Martin Jackaman Centre in Aspley

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The Martin Jackaman Centre
62 Robins Wood Road

Tel: 0115 876 1030

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