If you are the parent or carer of a child with special educational needs who has an identified special transport need, you may qualify for assistance with the cost of transporting your child to and from school.

Most Children with Special Educational Needs Do Not Have Special Transport Needs

Children may have special transport needs if they have:

  • additional needs or disabilities that place them or others at serious risk of danger during the journey to and from school
  • a mobility difficulty or medical condition, which requires a specialised vehicle, e.g. tail-lift access, ambulance

If it is agreed that your child has a special transport need, the local authority may provide travel assistance in one of a variety of ways;

  • a bus pass
  • minibus
  • taxi
  • ambulance
  • or may offer you a mileage allowance to take your child to school

If travel assistance is provided and your child is travelling on their own, you may be asked to accompany them. If the school is beyond walking distance, travel assistance arrangements will include your journey back home after dropping your child at school, and your journey to school to collect your child. If there is a group of children travelling together, the local authority will usually provide someone to accompany them.

If you decide to send your child to a school that is further away then the nearest appropriate school with available places, travel assistance will not be provided.

All arrangements made for children with special transport needs will be kept under review and the nature of any travel assistance is likely to change over time; for example, as your child gets older, they may be provided with independent travel skills training and support to enable them to use public transport and to travel independently.

Special Transport for Under 5s 

Children aged between two and five years do not usually travel independently and would not therefore normally be eligible for travel assistance unless they have a special transport need (please see definition above). Some pupils under five may receive help with travel costs if they have significant special educational needs.


If you think your child may have a special transport need please contact the Special Educational Needs Service on 0115 876 4300 or email: special.needs@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

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