Making sure there are enough school places for children by monitoring the numbers of pupils and working with schools to manage their capacities.

Who We Are

The School Organisation team is responsible for ensuring the City has the correct number and type of school places.

Why it is Important

Changes in the birth rate and an increase in inward migration to the city has seen as an increase in the number of children requiring a school place in Nottingham. Where previously there has been spare places in city schools, we now need more places to be available and the School Organisation Team works with schools and academies to provide these places. 

What We Do

We use data from a range of sources to create projections which we use to identify where more school places are needed. We then work with schools and academies to create those places by either bringing old classroom space back in to use or by expanding school buildings to provide more classroom space. We also work with Free School applicants in the city. 

We aim to support increased parental choice and to provide a diversity of school types. We use a variety of data sources to develop our understanding of the provision we will need now and in the future.

For information on current School Organisation projects please contact the School Organisation Team by emailing or calling 0115 876 5052.

Contact Us

Schools Organisation Team
Loxley House
Station Street

Tel: 0115 876 5052

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