Who we are

We are based at Nottingham City Council and are responsible for administering school appeals including:

  • Recruiting and training Panel members
  • Clerking hearings
  • Collating and sending all papers
  • Organising hearings

Even though we are part of Nottingham City Council we are independent of the School Admissions Team.

How we are involved in the School Appeals Process

When an appeal is made against refusal of a place at a school that we work with, the form, along with any supporting documents, will be sent to us.
If the appeal is valid, then we will organise an appeal hearing by an independent panel within published statutory timelines (usually 30 school days).
We gather information from both the admissions authority and the person appealing and distribute this to the people who will be attending the hearing.

All appeals must be heard according to the School Admission Appeals Code

Schools we work with

We currently organise appeals for all schools maintained by Nottingham City Council, along with a large number of city academies that use our service.
If you have been refused a place at a school your refusal letter will outline how to appeal.

Hearing Procedures

When we receive your appeal form, we will send you an acknowledgement letter. If you do not receive this within 10 working days you should contact us to check we have received your appeal.
We will write to you again with the date and time of your appeal hearing giving you at least 10 schools days’ notice (2 weeks during school holidays), and you will be sent the relevant documents 1 week before the hearing.

The hearing itself follows different processes depending on the type of appeal. Guidance is available below:


As well as administering the appeal hearings, we provide clerking at the hearing as required by the School Admission Appeals Code.

The Clerk provides independent and impartial advice to the Panel on admissions law and keeps a record of proceedings.
Outside the hearing, the Clerk will also respond to queries from appellants, or identify the correct person to respond.

Panel Members

Each hearing will be heard by 3 independent Panel members, who will be a mix of people with an education background and those without but will be completely independent of the school and admission authority.

All Panel members have to be trained on the law relating to admissions, procedural fairness and natural justice, this training is provided by our team.

We recruit to our pool of Panel members regularly so if you are interested in volunteering for this please contact the team for more information.

Contact the Team

For more information please contact us:

Mark Leavesley (School Appeals Clerk) 0115 876 4302
Phil Wye (School Appeals Clerk) 0115 876 4637
Email: school.appeals@nottinghamcity.gov.uk