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Child Employment

Children and work

Children over the age of 13 can get a part-time job outside of school hours. But when they can work and what they can do, depends on a number of rules that have been designed to protect the rights and welfare of children in the workplace.

The information below applies to all jobs in a business even if the child does not get paid or is working for their parents or family.

The information below does not apply to jobs like babysitting or work carried out for neighbours where there is not a commercial business involved. The guide below provides all of the information that children who want to work and their potential employers need.

Age for part-time jobs

You have to be 13 years old to be able to work part-time.

Criteria before starting work

Your employer must register with your local authority in order to obtain a work permit for you.

Pay rate

Your rate of pay is set by your employer. You might want to discuss this with your parent(s)/carer(s) to ask them if this is reasonable. For further advice and guidance please ring Pay and Work Rights Helpline on 0800 917 2368

Jobs you cannot do

Jobs you can't do

Places you can't work

  • Sell alcohol
  • Sell cigarettes
  • Be involved in gambling
  • Selling on a street
  • Delivering milk
  • Door to door sales work
  • Telephone sales
  • Using dangerous machinery
  • Any job which may cause you harm or injury
  • In a pub or club
  • In an amusement arcade or fairground
  • In a betting shop
  • In a warehouse or factory
  • In a slaughterhouse
  • On a building site
  • In a kitchen or chip shop
  • On a street
  • In a theatre, cinema or disco (unless you are licensed to perform there)

Days you can work



How long

13 to 14

School Days

Not more than 2 hours a day outside school hours


5 hours


2 hours

School Holidays

5 hours a day, maximum 25 hours in any week

15 to 16

School Days

Not more than 2 hours a day outside school hours


8 hours


2 hours

School Holidays

8 hours a day - maximum of 35 hours in any week

No more than 12 hours in a school week (including weekends) whatever your age.

Stopped from working

Your employer can be told to end your job if:

  • Your school attendance and punctuality is poor
  • Your school work suffers
  • Your health suffers

For more information please contact the Education Welfare Service:

Phone: 0115 876 2965


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