Trouble Shooting

Provided you enter all the information required and follow all the steps using Council Tax Online should be straightforward. However, if you are experiencing any problems, this troubleshooting guide may help you.

I need to enter an online key but don't have one

Online keys are printed on all bills and notices, such as reminders. You need to use the one shown on your latest bill or notice. This is a security device to ensure that taxpayers can only access their records. If you can't find your key, contact the Council Tax section who will send a new bill with a new key.

The name shown on the bill is incorrect e.g. misspelt. What do I enter?

Once registered you can correct it by accessing your account details and updating the account.

I have entered all of my details but it is not working?

Check that the name entered is the same as shown on your bill and, if appropriate, you have input the correct 8 digit Council Tax account number. If trying to register take care when entering the 10 characters online key.

Check the guides below to see if they provide an answer

If you are still having difficulties please send details of what you were trying to do and, if possible, screen prints to

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