On the 14th of August 2019, Nottingham City Council became the first Local Authority to be granted a water self-supply licence.

Changes in the water industry allow non-household customers, businesses and organisations to choose how they receive water supply and wastewater services. The City Council has chosen to become its own supplier for their operational buildings (e.g. libraries, community centres, office buildings and leisure centres), dealing directly with the Wholesaler, Severn Trent.

The licence arrangement does not affect domestic households

The aims of operating as a water self-supplier are:

  • Greater control over water spend
  • Cheaper running costs for community spaces
  • Protection of front line services for local people
  • Better customer services.

Nottingham City Council holds a water supply retail licence and a sewerage retail licence, both restricted to self-supply. Under these licences we only supply water and sewerage retail services to our own sites. Our list of supplied sites is kept updated at all times to ensure our compliance with our licence conditions. Please note that due to the sensitive nature of some of our activities, sensitive sites are not published or disclosed on our website. The regulator, Ofwat, reserves the right to carry out periodic checks on the validity of the information that is published on our website and to request information about the sites which are not published, at any point in time. 

The list of sites we supply can be found here