Do we have to Prepare for Emergencies

Preparing for emergencies at the local level is carried out under a piece of legislation called the Civil Contingencies Act (2004). The purpose of the Civil Contingencies Act is to establish a new statutory framework for civil protection at the local level.

It sets out clear expectations and responsibilities for front line responders at the local level to ensure that they are prepared to deal effectively with the full range of emergencies from localised incidents through to catastrophic emergencies. The Civil Contingencies Act sets out clearly how organisations, particularly local responders, should go about preparing for emergencies and for the first time tells us:

  • What scale of emergencies we should be preparing for
  • What organisations have to be involved in preparing for emergencies
  • What these organisations have to do

Find out more about what the Civil Contingencies Act means for Nottingham City Council.

Before 2004 a lot of this work was already being done by Nottingham City Council; the Civil Contingencies Act simply gives a national framework for us to work within.

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Our Emergency Plans

Nottingham City Council along with the emergency services, local authorities, businesses, voluntary groups and many other bodies produce plans to deal with many different types of emergency.

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