Clean Mobil Energy

Clean energy in Nottingham 

CleanMobilEnergy is a three year, European funded project which involves many partners across North West Europe working together to develop a Smart Energy Management System, integrating Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles.

Nottingham City Council has secured funding to deliver a City Pilot demonstrator as part of the project and will install an innovative ‘vehicle to grid’ (V2G) commercial electric vehicle charging at Eastcroft Depot. The project will seek to install:

  • 40 battery electric V2G compatible vans and cars
  • Up to 40 V2G bi-directional units to enable the vehicles to be used for energy storage and grid balancing
  • A minimum of 88kW of solar photovoltaics at Eastcroft Depot
  • A 378kW/676kwH lithium Ion battery,
  • A purpose built ‘Interoperable Energy Management System’ to control energy flows

The demonstrator aims to maximise the use of locally generated renewable generation to cut the carbon emissions and costs associated with charging electric fleet vehicles, as well as reducing peak demand by using vehicles for short-term storage.

The project is Project Managed by the Energy Projects Service and is a collaboration between Fleet, Transport Strategy and Energy teams. Nottingham is participating alongside lead partner, the city of Arnhem, The Netherlands, as well as other partners from across North-West Europe: Gemeente Arnhem, POLIS Promotion of Operational Links and Integrated Services, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technologies, Transport for London, Europäisches Institut für Innovation - Technologie e. V., Walvoorzieningen Nederland B.V., and Institut d’aménagement et d’urbanisme de l’île-de-France.

The total project budget is € 7.2 million which is partly funded by Interreg, of which €1.5 million will be allocated to Nottingham during the project lifetime from September 2017 until March 2021.

For more information please go to the project website: or contact Katie Greenhalgh on