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Older People

Having mental health issues at any age can be tiring, however, as you get older it can be much more difficult being able to keep yourself active and engaged, especially during a pandemic, therefore, AgeUK have published tips to help you look after your mental wellbeing.

Local people in mental health crisis who need immediate help can now receive support 24/7 by calling the new Nottinghamshire Foundation Trust Mental Health helpline 0300 303 0165.

For activities to keep you occupied and other support services, head over to the AskLiON website.


A lot of adults have been affected by the pandemic, whether it's losing their job or having to deal with the pressures of homeschooling, but know you're not alone. 

If you are working from home whilst homeschooling, the NSPCC has some tips on how to manage the workload while supporting your children.

It is okay to feel anxious, stressed, worried, sad, bored, lonely or frustrated at this time. The NHS isn't just here for you physically but also mentally.

For more support services please visit the AskLiON website.

Below are some resources for help and support for other sensitive areas that people struggle with on a daily basis. You don't have to do this on your own.

CALM: Suicide prevention support particularly for men aged 15 to 35

Harmless: Self-harm support

Young People

Kooth offers free, safe and anonymous online support for young people. They can provide help and support to young people with mental health issues. Their website online chat service is open from 12pm - 10pm Monday to Friday and 6pm - 10pm Saturday and Sunday. 


Your child may understandably be concerned or worried about what they see, read or hear in the news or online regarding coronavirus. As a parent or carer, it’s good to talk to them about mental health.

Young Minds has some great resources for parents and young people. If you would like more information on how to discuss Coronavirus with your child please visit our Coronavirus Support for Parents webpage.

ChalleNGe has a whole load of creative and arts resources available for children and young people - take a look at their website where they are listed.

Second-hand smoke is dangerous, especially for children. At this time, making your home smoke free is the best way to protect you & your loved ones. 

Smoking damages your lungs and weakens your immune system. Smoking can increase the risk of complications for respiratory infections.

Even if you’ve tried before – don’t give up on quitting. There’s plenty of support and advice which can help improve your chances.

For more information about stopping smoking visit the NHS smoke free webpage. Alternatively Today is the Day offers full support with an online Twitter clinic every day between 7:30pm - 8:30pm.

The Nottingham Recovery Network makes it easier and less daunting for people to get the support and advice they need by providing a single support hub – on-line, in person, or over the phone.   People can either refer themselves to the service or be referred by a third party such as a doctor or a support worker.

Our staff will then:

  • Complete a comprehensive assessment of people’s needs
  • Support them through appropriate treatment
  • Support them after any treatment(s) to maintain their recovery.
  • Offer them opportunities to learn and develop.

With alcohol sales rising in recent months and many people experiencing stress or anxiety from the changes to our day-to-day lives, it is important to drink responsibly.

For more advice about alcohol consumption and to keep track of your drinks, please see the documents below.

Advice about alcohol leaflet

Drinks plan and diary

Through Jigsaw, young people in Nottingham City still have access to someone if they are concerned about their or someone else’s drug or alcohol use. If you would like to contact them to get help or support their telephone number is 0115 948 4313, opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm, alternatively you can email them jigsaw@cgl.org.uk

Self-quarantining and new government measures have now meant that many individuals and families across Nottinghamshire now need to look at alternative ways of getting physical exercise.

The University of Nottingham Sports Team has created the 'Health and Wellbeing at home hub' containing lots of free home exercise routines. 

If you're able to, it's important to keep moving while at home. Age UK has a collection of beneficial activities for older people as staying active can improve both mental and physical health.

NHS Live Well has more information on the importance of keeping active and also some workout videos. 

To find exercise classes and services near you, visit the AskLiON directory.


Dietitians and the BDA have been asked many questions about nutrition and dietary issues related to the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic.

We would always encourage members of the public to start by following the latest advice from governments, the NHS and public health authorities.

If you're looking for healthy meal ideas and inspiration Change4Life has a range of healthy recipes for families to try out. There are many ways to eat healthy as a family while staying at home.

If you're at least 10 weeks pregnant or have a child under fours years old you can claim free vouchers with Healthy Start every week to spend on milk, plain fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, and infant formula milk. You can also get free vitamins. For more details see Healthy Start's website.

For nutrition and weight loss services near you, please visit the AskLiON directory.

Useful Documents

Building balanced meals

Healthy meal recipes

Looking after your sexual health is still very important during this time. Around 4000 people are diagnosed with STIs each year. Many of these cases are preventable by practising safer sex or easily treatable if detected early.

Visit Nottingham NHS's C-Card website to find out how to access free condoms for 13 to 24-year-olds.

See to find out if you qualify for a free HIV and Syphilis home sampling kit, visit the NHS website so you can receive and return a kit by post after providing a sample in the comfort of your own home.

Free chlamydia testing kits can also be posted to you from if you are aged between 16 and 24 years. 

Alternatively please call NUH Sexual Health Services on 0115 962 7627.

If you require information or support regarding abortion please contact the British Pregnancy Advisory Service on 0345 730 4030.

Where to go for sexual health services

Sexual Violence

If you are a man experiencing or know someone who is exposed to domestic abuse, don't hide away, Equation are here to help. Equation is available to contact via telephone 0115 960 5556 or for general enquires email info@equation.org.uk

If you are a child or young person who is exposed to sexual abuse please call Est Midlands Children and Young People's Sexual Assault Service on 0800 183 0023 or Adults sexual abuse call 0800 085 9993.

Looking after yourself is obviously the most important thing we can all do now. But there are lots of other things we can do to look after our own health and others wellbeing.

Bereavement Advice Centre: Support for people who have been bereaved.

If you struggle with managing your stress levels, AskLiON can provide services you can use to help.

Sleep better

Clipart of man sleeping

Getting a good night’s sleep is important to good physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Taking the time to relax and get comfortable before trying to sleep and cutting down on caffeine can help improve sleep quality. For 10 tips to beat insomnia and other resources, visit NHS Live Well.

Sleep at the push of a button

Heart Health

Your free NHS Health Check helps spot early signs of disease and prevent conditions including heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, stroke and dementia.

If you are aged 40 to 74 and you don’t already have a diagnosis of these health problems you are entitled to a free NHS Health Check every 5 years. Contact your registered GP to find out more about the free NHS Health Check.