The Council, along with the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, are working together to create a Student Living Strategy (SLS).  

It is hoped that the strategy will develop a medium to long term plan to ensure that the organisations can support the needs of Nottingham’s large and distinct student population, whilst ensuring that we can maximise the benefits for, and minimise any negative impacts on, all of the City’s local communities, businesses and services.

Students play an important role in the vibrancy and economic prosperity of the City, but can bring some challenges for particular services or communities.

This Student Living Strategy will aim to help us improve the quality and location of student accommodation across the City; work together to encourage neighbourliness and respect; promote clean, safe, attractive and sustainable environments; and create strong and balanced communities, where students add to the civic life of the City and value Nottingham as their home.

The strategy will outline our shared priorities and the joint actions we will take to achieve these priorities, alongside the data which will be used to assess and measure our outcomes and impact.

Whilst the strategy is being developed by the three partner organisations, it is imperative that the views, thoughts and concerns of other key partners and stakeholders across the City are understood. It is only with the cooperation and joint working of all partners that progress will truly be achieved.

To help us create a Strategy that is relevant and accurate, and which will lead to meaningful and genuine improvements for all, engagement with key stakeholders was undertaken by an independent external market research company.  Initially this involved a series of focus groups sessions held February 2022 - further details are provided below under "Engagement".

The intention is that as the strategy develops and actions are put together that further engagement will be undertaken commencing in early 2023.

It is then anticipated that the Strategy will be adopted ready to be implemented later 2023 with subsequent reviews and governance arrangements built in to ensure that the Strategy is meeting its aims and priorities.

An independent engagement company were commissioned to undertake a series of focus groups on our behalf with a range of key stakeholders.  As well as councillors, other stakeholders were invited to separate focus group sessions including residents groups, students, businesses, accommodation providers, business representatives and service providers.  

The engagement company have since presented back independent, objective and impartial results which are being used to inform and shape the Strategy. 

See details below of the wider spectrum of groups/stakeholders invited to take part in the focus groups.

  • Services: Nottinghamshire Police; Community Protection; Nottingham College
  • Economic: Nottingham BID; Nottingham Growth Board
  • Housing: Student Accommodation Letting Agents; Unipol; PBSA providers
  • Councillors: Representing wards across Nottingham City
  • Students: University of Nottingham Students’ Union; Nottingham Trent University Students’ Union
  • Residents: Residents’ Associations across Nottingham City

It is anticipated that the final Strategy will contain a set of actions, structured around a number of priority areas, which will be monitored and reviewed, with a governance structure set up for this purpose.

In February, ampersand relayed the findings to all three organisations as a result of the focus groups and drafted a revised ambition statement and priority areas. This ambition statement and revised priorities were presented to the Trilateral meeting on 23 March, attended by the Leader of NCC, the Chief Executive of NCC and the Vice Chancellor and Presidents of NTU and UoN. The revisions were endorsed at this meeting.  

Ambition: Working together to make Nottingham a great city to live, learn and grow in. Where diverse, sustainable communities support the health, wellbeing and potential of all residents and individuals are treated with equity, giving and receiving mutual respect for the benefit of all.

Priority 1: Diversify and innovate to improve the quality, safety, affordability and location of available accommodation for all students across the City. Actively promote a growth in affordable alternative accommodation options to encourage a better balance of student housing choice across the City.

Priority 2: Encourage neighbourliness, where students contribute to creating a clean, attractive and sustainable environment which supports the wellbeing of the entire community. Proactively tackle the social and financial impact of waste and noise issues.

Priority 3: Ensure students are valued members of the communities they reside in and proactively work to improve graduate retention by developing and promoting opportunities to increase community cohesion and mutual benefit for all citizens.

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