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Information if you're having problems finding planning applications or viewing documents.

Known Issues

System Reliability

We are aware of occasional problems with our planning application search page.  This may show a 'proxy error' message. If you see please email us to report problems with the planning application search web page. We will resolve the problem as soon as possible. Please note that we can only respond during normal office hours.

Links to some documents won't open correctly

Most documents on this website are provided in pdf format and will open in Adobe Reader or other pdf viewing software. We are aware of an issue when some files don't open automatically and you are instead prompted to save the file. If this happens, it can usually be solved reloading the page using your browser's 'Refresh' button. If after trying this you are still unable to access documents please contact us for further help. We are working to resolve this issue and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Finding applications Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can't see the planning application I made recently, where is it?

A: Don't worry if your application doesn't appear on this week's list. There are always some applications in hand waiting to be checked. If you have any concerns please contact Development Management on 0115 8764447 for more information.

Q: Why can't I find the whole planning history of a particular property?

A: There are a small number of applications that have not been scanned. Records before 1991 are not currently accessible online. The full public Register of Planning Applications can be viewed by appointment. For a small fee, we can undertake planning history enquiries for you. Please contact Development Management on 0115 8764447 for more information.

Q: Help I can see my planning application more than once, what's happening?

A: Don't worry, some applications are duplicated in the weekly and monthly lists and other search result listings because we have recorded them as affecting more than one property address in our property database. If you see an application number listed twice you will be able to view the details by selecting either number the details are the same.

Q: Why can't I find application details using the planning reference number listed on my Local Land Charges Search?

A: Planning applications on our website with a number in the following format:

[2 digit year]/[5 digit number]/[application type code] For example, 08/00001/PFUL3.
But, for many years the Council used a different reference system based on year, month and application number. Applications can only be found using the web search facility using the newer reference number format.
If you have been given an application reference number in the old format you will need to know what the alternative new format number.
We have provided a spreadsheet which lists the old and new reference number for all relevant applications in our database. You can use the spreadsheet to find out the new reference number, which you can then put into our online search facility. Click on the 'Old and New Planning Application Reference Numbers' link in the 'Downloads' section of this page. 

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