Comment on applications 

You can find and view the details of the planning application on the planning applications page.

Alternatively, you can email your comments to us at Please make sure that you provide your name and address in your email, as well as quoting the application reference number.

We will not publish your comments on our website, but everything that we receive can be seen by members of the public, including the applicant, on request.

What you can comment on

We can only take into account comments about matters that are controlled by planning law, and relevant to the planning application. These could include:

  • Loss of privacy;
  • Loss of light;
  • Intense development;
  • Design and appearance;
  • Highway matters, such as traffic and parking;
  • Impact on community facilities

Some comments cannot be taken into account because they are not controlled by planning law, or are not relevant to the application. Common objections include:

  • Loss of property value;
  • Private issues between neighbours such as land and boundary disputes;
  • Damage to property;
  • Problems while construction works are being carried out, such as noise, dust and disturbance by construction vehicles;
  • Competition between businesses;
  • Structural and fire safety matters (these are controlled by the Building Regulations);
  • Loss of a private view


If many agree about a planning application you can organise a petition. If you decide to organise a petition, please ensure that:

  • It clearly states the details of the planning application;
  • It sets out the reasons why people are supporting or objecting to the application, rather than simply 'we object' or 'we support';
  • The names and addresses of the signatories are legible;
  • There is a contact name and address for the petition organiser

e will notify you of our decision, and publish the decision with the application details on our website.

If you are unhappy with the Council's decision

Where planning permission is refused, you have the right of appeal against the Council's decision. Objectors cannot appeal against a decision to grant planning permission.

If we decide to grant planning permission, we will set out our reasons for doing so in a report that is attached to our decision notice. The report will show how we have considered the points raised in the objections we have received. The decision notice is published on our website shortly after the decision has been made.

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