Padstow Development

The Padstow development comprises three distinct development sites, Padstow Main (to the south of Eastglade Road), Padstow Ridgeway and Beckhampton Road.

Together, these sites provide a fantastic opportunity to create a development containing up to 500 homes, a mix of housing types which meet the needs of local people in the heart of Bestwood.

The aim is to create a community that is fully integrated with the neighbouring communities and contributes towards the improvement of the whole area, delivering more economic activity including training and employment including training and construction jobs. 

The development is still in the procurement process for a development partner which is looking to be completed by summer 2020. Once this is completed, planning permissions and legal contracts need to be signed before any development will begin which is looking to be in 2021.


Draft Artists Impressions

Future Developments:

  • Chingford
  • Eastglade


Last Updated January 2020