The Flood and Water Management Act (2010) assigns powers and duties to LLFAs for coordinating the management of local flood risk. Local flood risk includes flooding from minor watercourses ('Ordinary Watercourses'), surface water and groundwater.

The Environment Agency is responsible for managing flooding from major watercourses ('Main Rivers') and reservoirs.

We have a responsibility to:

  • Develop, maintain and apply a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy. Our Local Flood Risk Management Strategy and accompanied Strategic Environmental Assessment are available to download from our Flood Document Library
  • Investigate incidents of significant flooding to establish the cause of flooding and the responsible risk management authority. Nottingham City Council has developed thresholds to act as a guideline to determine whether a formal investigation is necessary, the threshold stands at:
    • Internal flooding of 5 or more residential properties of which are nearby;
    • Internal flooding of 2 or more commercial properties that have a significant impact on the business of which is nearby or
    • Internal flooding that affects a critical service (e.g. hospital, care home, emergency services, etc)

We have a duty to publish the results of our investigations; these are available to download from our Flood Document Library.

  • Establish and maintain a register of assets and features that have a significant effect on the opinion of the LLFA on flood risk. We have collected and collated information from our partners about the location of features and assets that may affect flood risk within the City Council area. The latest version of the asset register can be viewed at our main office at Loxley House on Station Street by prior appointment or our interactive version
  • Act as a statutory consultee to the planning process for ‘major developments’ which have surface water implications
  • Give consents for works on Ordinary Watercourses. If you are proposing to undertake work within or next to an ordinary watercourse you may require consent from the Environment Agency or the City Council. The Environment Agency issues environmental permits to work on or near main rivers and the City Council issues consents to work on Ordinary Watercourses

If you wish to contact the Traffic and Flood Risk Management Team please contact: