Contaminated Land Enquiry form

Local authorities have a statutory obligation to keep a register of contaminated land

The information stored on the formal register is that relating to regulatory action and remediation. The contents are specified at length in the Statutory Instrument 2000 No. 227 (Contaminated Land (England) Regulations 2000) and include the following:

  • Remediation Notices
  • Remediation Declarations/Statements
  • Appeals against Notices
  • Designation of special sites
  • Notification of Claimed Remediation
  • Convictions for Offences

This formal register is maintained by the Pollution Control Team.  Members of the public can view the register free of charge during normal office hours 8.30am - 4.50pm by appointment.  Requests for copies of documents must be made to the Pollution Control Team and a reasonable charge will be made.

However, currently there are no sites within the boundary of the City of Nottingham that has been determined as "contaminated land" or a "special site" according to the legislation; therefore there are currently no entries in the register.