Trading Standards enforces most of the laws relating to underage sales. It is illegal to sell some products to people under a specified age.

Any retailer found guilty of breaking the relevant laws could face fines or imprisonment for some offences. The retailer could also lose their licence to sell certain products, or have restrictions placed on their licence.

We will send Nottingham retailers a free information pack which includes a DVD for staff training, business factsheets and point of sale material, or why not book relevant staff onto our free in house underage sales training that happens 4 times a year, Contact us for more information and booking details on 0115 844 5018.

The table shows the ages when age-restricted products can be legally purchased:

Product Age
Alcohol 18
Solvents 18
Butane gas cigarette lighter refills 18
Fireworks (except party poppers etc) 18
Cigarettes and tobacco products 18
Knives and razor blades 18
Videos, DVDs and some computer/video games 18/16/15/12
National Lottery and Instants tickets 16
Chocolate liqueurs 16
Party poppers, caps, throwdowns etc 16
Aerosol paint containers 16
Petrol 16

The law on alcohol sales is also enforced by the Police. Trading Standards do not enforce the law on Lottery and Instants tickets - this is done by the National Lottery.

Trading Standards and other bodies such as the National Lottery have a policy of being active in finding retailers who break the law. This includes investigating complaints and carrying out test purchases. Where necessary, Trading Standards will prosecute retailers who offend.

In some cases, fixed penalty notices may be given to the actual seller and the designated premises supervisor, while the business may be investigated and prosecuted. We also encourage members of the public to assist us by reporting shops they see selling age-restricted products to children, either by contacting Trading Standards or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.