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Nottingham City Council is hoping to establish an open Accreditation of organisations who can deliver a Pharmacy Needle Exchange Service.
Providers will form part of the wider substance misuse treatment system in Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County.
The main aim is to provide:
  • Clean injecting equipment and paraphernalia to People Who Inject Drugs in a safe and informed way,
  • To encourage Service Users to return used equipment
  • To accept used equipment ready for disposal

Providers will have the option to apply for one of two schemes, as follows:

Level 1

The Provider will deliver all essential elements as above by providing a range of injecting equipment in pre-approved packs (see section 6). The Provider will need to have storage facilities for large boxes. They also need small space for a number in each pack within the designated needle exchange area.

Level 2

The Provider will deliver all essential elements as above in providing a range of pre-approved injecting equipment and related paraphernalia in a ‘pick and mix’ format.
“Pick and mix” describes the dispensing of individual items of injecting equipment. This is instead of pre-packaged equipment.


1st October 2019 to 30th September 2024, with the possibility of further extensions of 1 year plus a further 1 year.
The contract value of £65,000 per annum covers the entire provision required across the City of Nottingham.
To apply for this opportunity, you will need to read the service specification (schedule 2 of the contract). Then download the application and submit it to Bethan.hopcraft@nottinghamcity.gov.uk