The Quality Monitoring Framework (QMF) is a tool used to measure the quality of services contracted by Nottingham City Council to deliver care and support provision for children and vulnerable adults living in Nottingham City.

The QMF allows for an assessment of quality under the following five key areas:

  • Assessment and care/support provision
  • Staffing
  • Safeguarding
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Involvement and Empowerment

As part of the quality assessment, service providers will be requested to submit evidence via virtual means.

The Framework alongside the guidance notes can be found here:

Updated guidance notes:

Please see attached information on the up to date Quality Monitoring Process following COVID-19.

Where concerns need to be investigated urgently the Contracting Team may contact services and request them to supply evidence using our Focussed Monitoring template. The services will be required to submit the relevant evidence and an assessment will be made on whether a service is compliant or not compliant.  There will not be an overall score but any areas of non-compliance will need to be addressed within a satisfactory timescale as agreed by the Contracts Officer.

Focussed Post Covid-19 Quality Monitoring Framework

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