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Smoking in the workplace

Smokefree Legislation

Since 1 July 2007, all workplaces and enclosed public places within Nottingham have a legal obligation to be smoke free. This legislation has been introduced to reduce the harmful effect that second hand smoke has on the health of the population. See Smokefree England for more information on the smokefree legislation. This includes the downloads:

'Gold Standard' Smoking Policies

Nottingham City Council is encouraging all Nottingham businesses to implement 'Gold Standard' smoking policies. These policies go a step further than Smokefree legislation, such as not allowing employees to smoke during working hours, not allowing illegal tobacco to be sold on your premises or restricting the use of e-cigarettes. A 'Gold Standard' policy can result in reduced sickness absence plus increased productivity for your organisation.

Help to Stop Smoking

If you would like information and support on how to quit smoking, please visit the NHS smokefree website at