Invasive body modifications and similar beauty treatments present a risk of infection and ill-health, particularly where treatments are not carried out in a suitable environment or a hygienic manner.

Nottinghamshire’s Hygiene Accreditation Scheme (HAS) is a voluntary scheme set up to improve and maintain hygiene and safety standards within premises offering Tattooing, Semi-Permanent Makeup and Cosmetic Body Piercing treatments.

This rating applies only to the hygiene and safety of the establishment and is not reflective of the skill or quality of the procedures carried out at the premises. All businesses who participate in the scheme are bound by the ‘Scheme Rules’. The Scheme Rules including the Rating Schedule is available below.

Rating Scheme

Environmental Health Officers will assess hygiene and safety standards against the Rating Schedule and award the premises a rating:

‘0’ – ‘Urgent Improvement Required’

‘1’ – ‘Major Improvement Required’

‘2’ – ‘Improvement Required’

‘3’ – ‘Satisfactory’

‘4’ – ‘Very Good’

‘5’ – ‘Excellent’

The scheme complements the requirement to register under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982. Please see the health and beauty licensing section for more information.

To achieve the best possible score, proprietors should refer to and utilise the ‘Audit Tool’ and ‘Management System Guidance’ documents below.

How to Apply

You can apply for membership to the scheme using the application form below. To process the application, you must return a completed the form and pay the application fee.

Upon receipt of the application form, an officer will contact you to arrange payment. The fee for inspection and rating is £140.

Request for Re-Visit

You can request a re-visit by completing the revisit form below. The fee for a re-visit and re-rating is £80.

Please note that the fees can only be paid using a bank card; cash and cheque are not accepted.