Children's placement service

The Children's Placement Service is the single point for the obtains and manages placements and improvement of placement outcomes.

Placement Service officers are responsible for identifying placements for Looked After Children, working with social care teams to identify needs and matching these to appropriate internal or external (private) resources.

Placements made with private providers are monitored to ensure they are meeting the needs of our children or young people and providing value for money.

Children's placements commissioning and sufficiency strategy

We provide or obtain placements for Children in Care (CiC) as explicit in the Children Act 1989. This has since been strengthened by the introduction of Sufficiency Statutory Guidance (2010) and the Care Planning, Placement and Case Review Regulations (implementation April 2011).

There is a duty of ‘sufficiency’ that requires Local Authorities and to ensure that a range of placements meet the needs of all children are available locally or that there is a plan in place to move towards that position.

The regulations require a strategy that describes how Local Authorities intend to provide sufficient care placements for its CiC. The strategy has been updated for the period 2018 to 2020 and should be read in conjunction with the Children and Young People’s Plan and Joint Strategic Needs Assessment as well as the Council’s Corporate Plan.

Supported Accommodation for Framework for Care Leavers

Nottingham City Council Supported Accommodation Framework is an agreement between the local authority and a select number of suitably qualified and experienced independent providers of semi-independence care to improve and standardise the quality of placements.

They ensure value for money Semi-independent placements to enable young people aged 16 to 18 (or 18 to 24 in full time education) to transition from care into their adult lives successfully by providing placements whilst ensuring support with a variety issues including.

  • Education and training
  • Employment
  • Personal development

East Midlands Provider Framework for Looked After Children

The East Midlands Regional Provider Framework is a formal agreement between six participating local authorities and a limited number of independent providers to work with each other to improve the quality and reduce the cost of placements, and improve market stability.

Placements included within the Framework are those made externally with independent fostering and residential providers when a local authority is not using its own internal provision. Framework providers agreed to operate transparently with local authorities in terms of pricing and service specification. Providers are grouped into fostering and residential, and then into 'tiers' and 'lots' based upon an evaluation of quality of service provision and competitive pricing, and different levels of care package specification (Core, Enhanced, Complex).

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