European Union (EU) funding

There is a wide range of other EU funding and opportunities for businesses and other organisations in Nottingham.

Current EU Fundings

View our current EU fundings here

Over £100 million of European funding has helped to regenerate Nottingham since 2000. The European Regional and Development Fund (ERDF) in particular has supported dozens of projects in the city.

Projects previously supported by ERDF include the regeneration of the Sneinton Market area and the Nottingham Contemporary and New Art Exchange cultural centres.

It currently funds many employment and Business Support from the Nottingham Growth Hub projects. It also supports innovation in higher education such as the Environmental Technology Centre and the Institute for Aerospace Technology at the University of Nottingham. There is a full list of projects supported by ERDF in the East Midlands available.

Advice and information

Nottingham City Council's Economic Development Team can provide advice on the use of ERDF in Nottingham:

There is a wide range of other EU funding and opportunities for businesses and other organisations in Nottingham. Links to some of these are given above and you can also contact us for further information at

International partners

Nottingham also has city partnerships in the EU and beyond:

We also have formal, though less active links with: 

  • Ghent (Belgium)
  • Harare (Zimbabwe)
  • Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • Minsk (Belarus)
  • Timisoara (Romania)

Creative Twinning is a partnership of Nottingham designers interested in creating new opportunities with our Creative Twin counterparts and bringing new ideas to Nottingham.

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