The following guidance is for all existing licence holders and any person who plans to apply for a new licence. The changes to our services have been made to minimise disruption caused by Covid-19. 

Everyone has a role to play in limiting the spread of Covid-19. Licence holders, including taxi and private hire car drivers, are reminded to follow Government advice including advice on isolation if you have symptoms. 

We will continue to update this guidance as necessary. If you have an urgent specific query you can contact us by email. Due to the anticipated volume of enquiries please be aware that it may take some time to respond.

Below document outlines the new government guidance on providing transport services safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the current situation in relation to Covid-19 Nottingham City Council's Licensing Authority are following government regulations and have decided that from 24.03.2020 the office will be CLOSED until further notice. No further appointments for our receptions desk shall be made. 

Please email any scanned documents/applications with a credit card mandate form (found at the bottom of this page) for processing. 




Taxi Licensing Applications

At present, we shall not be accepting initial (new) Taxi Private Hire Driver applications until further notice. 

For any taxi and private hire related documentation please submit to 

For any licensing and regulatory related documentation please submit to 

Licensing and Regulatory Applications: we shall no longer be receiving postal or hand-delivered applications. We request that should you wish to submit an application please email your application to and accompany it with the below payment mandate form. (Payments will not be taken over the phone)

You can find our online applications here. You can also post your applications online by using the GOV website here.


If your badge is due to expire, please email our inbox for further information of the next steps -

MOT's: Should you have a MOT service booked then you must still attend however please email us for further information to - 

Inspections for vehicles: Should you have an inspection booked, please email for further information to - 

Should your pending application be required to be considered at a panel hearing we will contact you in respect of the next steps and alternative arrangements to consider the application.

We recommend that parties take steps to mediate their concerns however hearing proceedings shall be arranged as appropriate. 

There is no evidence at this time that dogs and cats could be a source of infection to other animals or humans.

If the dog boarder/ walker is healthy and hasn’t been at risk of infection, then we at Nottingham City Council can see no reason why, at present, they cannot continue to provide a service to those who require it, which may include key workers, those who are unable to leave their homes due to self-isolation, or those in hospital who are unable to have another member of the household care for their pets.

Our advice to dog boarders/walkers is to follow Public Health England and NHS advice and guidance, including maintaining a safe distance from owners, regular hand washing when interacting with pets and, if sick, to self-isolate and not undertake business activities. We would recommend the restriction or thorough cleaning/sanitation of items usually passed between boarder/walker and pet owner, such as leads, toys and bedding. It is also advisable to determine whether the dog can safely be passed to the dog walker/boarder whilst maintaining a 2m distance, to mitigate the risk of escaping.

Please note that this guidance relates to those businesses operating within Nottingham City only, and is subject to change in light of government updates.

Pending Applications - We have currently suspended inspections for any of our pending Animal Welfare applications until further notice. 

Should you have any concerns relating to your application please contact 




Please view the below document for guidance and advice on off-sales of Alcohol. 

Please note that this document does not constitute as legal advice but is the group's considered opinion of the matters contained within. 

Additionally Nottinghamshire Best Bar None have developed a reopening support tool to assist licensed premises to assess their reopening processes. It is an extremely informative and useful tool.

The document will take 5-10 minutes to complete and a report will be produced as soon as responses have been submitted. The information in this report will show the premises areas that they may need to address before they reopen or that they might want to consider in order to make improvements or in some cases, to become legally compliant. 

The Best Bar None also have developed a step 2 re-opening checklist which you can find here

Please see the below document in relation to guidance on practicing acupuncture during Covid-19.