Here you will find guidance notes and advice on the process for making a Temporary Event Notice including a list of licensing Solicitors and Specialists.

Licence Summary

A Temporary Event Notice(TEN) must be served on the Licensing Authority, the Police and Pollution Control if you wish to provide licensable activities on a 'one off' basis. Such events may be held in the open air or within premises which don't have a premises licence or whose licence doesn't cover the hours or activities you wish to provide.

The number of Tens which can be made by a person or in respect of a place is limited by statute so please read thoroughly the guidance notes below.

NB Tens must be served on the Licensing Authority, Police and Environmental Health Officer (Noise Pollution) (addresses below), by no later than 10 clear working days prior to the event not including the day the TEN is received or the day of the event. Please remember to allow for bank holidays which are listed below in 'Non Working Days'.

From 25 April 2012 a 'Late' TEN may be served - up to 5 clear working days not including the day of the event, but if any objections are received then the event will not be able to go ahead. There is a limit as to the number of 'late' Tens which can be served in a calendar year so please read the guidance notes below NB late Tens should only be submitted in exceptional circumstances which are beyond the control of the premises user.

Please note that the fee of £21.00 is not refundable if your TEN is rejected or refused for any reason.

Contact Details for serving your TEN

Licensing Authority

Licensing Officer, Nottingham City Council, Commercial & Operations, Licensing, Central Police Station, Byron House, Maid Marian Way, Nottingham, NG1 6HS

The current fee of £21.00 should accompany your application.


Nottinghamshire Police, City Division Licensing Team, Central Police Station, Byron House, Maid Marian Way, Nottingham, NG1 6HS

Fax: 0115 844 5929

Pollution Control

Environmental Health (Pollution Control), Central Police Station, Byron House, Fourth Floor, Maid Marian Way, Nottingham, NG1 6HS
Fax: 0115 876 1474

Public Safety

For advice on public safety, event safety management, food safety and information on how to comply with health and safety and food legislation, please contact the Food and Health and Safety Team on 0115 876 1494 or e mail

Temporary Event Notice Application (2022)

For further information please contact the licensing office on 0115 9156571

Will Tacit Consent Apply: No tacit consent is applicable to this type of application. If you have not been advised by us within a reasonable time following the end of any notice period for the application then please contact us.

Apply online

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