Here you will find information on Occasional Use Notices

This allows a track to be used for betting purposes.

The purpose of the Occasional Use Notice notification process is to allow Betting to take place on a track for eight days or less in a calendar year, where no premises licence has been issued under the Gambling Act 2005. Applicants should obtain the appropriate permission from the Gambling Commission before giving notice to the licensing authority.

It should be noted by applicants that this process is different from the Temporary Use Notice (TUN).

A 'track' does not necessarily have to be a horse racecourse or greyhound track. Other examples of tracks include:

  • a point to point horserace meeting
  • football, cricket or rugby grounds
  • athletics stadium
  • golf-course
  • venues hosting darts, bowls or snooker tournaments
  • premises staging boxing matches
  • a section of river hosting a fishing competition or
  • a motor racing event

The applicant must be the person that is responsible for the administration of events on the track or by an occupier of a track. The Occasional Use Notice will need to be sent to the licensing authority and the Chief Officer of Police for the area in which the track is located.

The Occasional Use Notice must specify the day on which the betting will be taking place. The notice may be for consecutive days as long as the eight-day limit is not exceeded.

Provided that the betting does not take place on more than eight days, there is no provision for objections to be submitted and the licensing authority will acknowledge your notice.

There is no fee for this type of application.

For further information please contact the licensing office on 0115 876 1762.

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