Housing Nottingham Plan

Nottingham's Strategic Housing Network has developed a housing strategy for the City known as the 'Housing Nottingham Plan'

The Housing Nottingham Plan sets out our collaborative approach to the housing market over a three year period (2013 - 2015). It doesn't describe every action or intervention we will undertake - instead it shows how we will respond to changes in the city, changes brought about by national policy and changes to the way we do things in order to achieve the housing outcomes we want for our citizens.

We have aimed to be realistic about what can be achieved within the three years of the plan, whilst also being mindful of the very challenging economic conditions within which we are working. Taking this into account, principal themes have been created to create a clear steer for now and the future.

The four key themes of the plan:

  • Housing supply
  • Housing standards
  • Specialist housing
  • Neighbourhoods: a cross-cutting theme

The combination of all these activities will bring significant improvement to our neighbourhoods. However, the transformation of neighbourhoods which the Nottingham Plan seeks to achieve will take longer than the life of this plan. In the three years of this plan our additional focus on neighbourhoods will be to work more collaboratively and therefore more effectively as housing providers, and to take greater responsibility for the empowerment of residents.

The plan is owned by the Nottingham Housing Strategic Network, formerly (Housing Strategic Partnership). The Housing Strategic Networks purpose is to ensure Nottingham is meeting the housing needs of the city for now and the future.

May 2016

The Councils Housing Strategy Team are currently working with the Nottingham Housing Strategic Network and key stakeholders to refresh the strategy, ensuring that we continue to strive for positive housing outcomes for our citizens.


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