Housing Benefit for Council and Housing Association tenants

Who Can Claim?

Housing benefit is paid to help you pay towards your rent. The amount of housing benefit you receive will depend on your personal circumstances, including your income, savings, members of your household and the level of your rent.

If you are:

  • On a low income, including low earnings
  • Responsible for paying rent
  • Your savings are less than £16,000 (different capital rules apply to people over 60)

You may be entitled to Housing Benefit.

Under Occupied Rooms

For people aged between 16 and Pension Credit eligibility age, if you are assessed as having at least 1 extra bedroom in your house, your Housing Benefit could be reduced.

The criteria will allow one bedroom for each for the following:

  • a couple
  • a person who is not a child (aged 16 and over)
  • two children of the same sex (under 16)
  • two children who are under 10 (regardless of their sex but there may be exceptions for severely disabled children)
  • any other child, (other than a foster child or child whose main home is elsewhere)
  • a carer (or group of carers) providing overnight care

If you receive full or partial Housing Benefit and have spare rooms in your home you may be assessed as under-occupying your accommodation and a reduction could be made to your Housing Benefit. This reduction is based on a percentage of your eligible rent.

The Government has said that this reduction will be set at:

  • 14% for one extra bedroom and 
  • 25% for two or more extra bedrooms

How we pay

If you're a council tenant any housing benefit will be paid direct to your rent account.

As a housing association tenant, you can receive your housing benefit direct to your bank, 4 weekly in arrears, or, you can opt for payments to be made direct to your landlord.

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