Report a rogue landlord or problem with your private rented property

You can report a problem to us by using one of the above buttons. Please note that for our records, we will need your personal details.

NOTE: your information will not be sold on and the complaint will remain anonymous.

You may be contacted by a member of our team to discuss some of these issues, or, where you live in the property that you have contacted us about; we may arrange a visit with you to see the property.

Report a problem

If you are having issues with your property and/ or landlord/ manager then  we advise you to talk to them about it first, giving them reasonable time to resolve the problem. If the problem cannot be resolved between yourselves, or you have a concern that means you cannot report it to them, then the council may get involved.

Depending on the severity of the issue; we may write to the landlord and/ inspect the property and take the appropriate action to make sure that the problem is resolved.

You can see the responsibilities of landlords and managers on our page here.

You can report an issue with your property by completing our online form under ‘Report a problem’ at the top of the page.

Also see our pages on what you can expect during your tenancy for guidance on what is expected in private rented property.

Report a Rogue landlord

If you feel that your landlord or manager is purposely and/ or continually avoiding their duties then let us know.

This may include but is not limited to:

  • Harassment / illegal eviction
  • Not managing or maintaining the property or seeing to repairs
  • Not providing a safe and healthy living environment
  • Not protecting your deposit in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme (more information on this here
  • Not licensing a property that is should be
  • Not complying with their licence conditions- where applicable (you can request a copy of this although they are required to be displayed in the property.
  • Is a manager that is not registered under one of the Property Redress Schemes 
  • To report an issue with anti-social behaviour in relation to a HMO or private rented property, we advise that you first contact Nottinghamshire Police to report this by calling 101.

Report an unlicensed HMO

Please see our pages in relation the Licensing of private rented properties and information on the types of properties that require a licence. 

Check here to see if a property is already licensed or has a pending application. (Link to report it here? – Ask ASB and ask Julie if want these also referring to us?)

If you live in or know of a property that you think should be licensed but isn’t then you can report this to us.

Please note that you cannot be served with a Section 21 notice to leave a property that is licensable but unlicensed- this is a criminal offence that can be reported to us by using the link above.

If you live in an unlicensed property, then you may be entitled to make a rent repayment order to claim back some of your rent.


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