About Positive Behaviour Management (RPI)

The Behaviour Support Team includes 7 colleagues trained to deliver Approach Training - De-escalation and Positive Behaviour Management (RPI).

Objectives of the service

The Behaviour Support Team's RPI Instructors will:

  • Reduce risk of harm in schools and academies
  • Increase staff skills and confidence in order to de-escalate difficult situations
  • Create imaginative strategies to reduce the need for RPI
  • Teach staff practical skills to reduce risk when they are required to hold CYP

Recent examples of support for schools and academies:

  • Demonstration to reassure parents/carers
  • Visit and advice regarding 'safe space'
  • Consultation regarding risk assessment and reduction
  • Support in school/academy to model effective RPI in an emergency
  • Half day and full day practical training
  • Staff meeting on Legal Context of 'Use of Force'
  • Instructors who work exclusively in Nottingham City schools and academies


This service will give you access to good or better training

  • 100% of training is evaluated as good or above
  • Quality assured instructors via annual refreshers
  • BILD accredited training
  • Bill Thorpe, (the creator of Approach Training Ltd) as an access to Expert Witness support
  • Adaptable and flexible training to meet individual school/academy requirements with in the BILD Code of Practice
  • Instructors with an in-depth knowledge of school/academy organisational and educational issues as well as current legislation
  • Instructors who work exclusively in Nottingham City schools and academies

For booking and costing information please speak to Jackie Spencer RPI Administrator.

Tel: 0115 8762438

Email:       Jackie.Spencer@nottinghamcity.gov.uk