Suicide Prevention Strategy

Consultation Details

Consultation open 10 July 2019 to 07 August 2019

We are seeking views on the draft refresh of the Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire Suicide Prevention.

Suicide has a devastating and long-lasting impact on individuals, families, communities and society. In Nottingham alone there have been 85 deaths from suicide over the last three years and recent figures nationally show there are an average of 16 suicides every day. Suicide is complex, with many causes and many risk factors, but we know that it is possible to prevent suicides by identifying risks, addressing them and acting to reduce the impact of suicide on those it affects.

The Government recommends that all Councils develop suicide prevention strategies to consider these risks in a local context. Nottingham City’s current strategy ends this year, and has been updated for 2019-2023. It allows us to take new developments into account and provides the opportunity to review what our communities' views and priorities are.

 The overall aim of the strategy is to reduce the rate of suicide and self-harm, and has five priority areas:

  • identifying and addressing at-risk groups;
  • sensible use of local data;
  • bereavement support;
  • staff training;
  • working with the media.

Contact Details

Ben Rush, Public Health Registrar,