Nottingham City Council are re-designing and re-commissioning services to help residents access a range of health improvement services

Integrated Wellbeing Service

Consultation Details

Consultation open 31 March 2023 to 30 May 2023

Nottingham City Council are re-designing and re-commissioning services to help residents access a range of health improvement services

Nottingham City Council public engagement - Commissioning of an Integrated Wellbeing Service in Nottingham

Nottingham City Council are making plans for a service which will help people who live in Nottingham to improve their health and wellbeing in more than one way. This service will be called the Integrated Wellbeing Service.

The Integrated Wellbeing Service will offer help and support to people living in Nottingham who want to make positive behavioural changes for the benefit of their health and wellbeing, for example to stop smoking, be more active, or eat a more balanced diet. The service will also be able to help people in other ways, for example by thinking about a person’s emotional wellbeing, or if there are other issues negatively impacting their health that they may need help or support with. 

The proposed services that are currently within scope of Nottingham City Council’s Integrated Wellbeing Service are:

  • Stop smoking service
  • Targeted physical activity programme
  • Healthy weight programme (Tier 1) - universal behavioural interventions for all ages i.e. reinforcement of healthy eating and physical activity messages
  • Healthy lifestyle programmes (Tier 2) - lifestyle weight management services provide diet, nutrition, lifestyle, and behaviour change advice:
    1. Adult (18+) - community and digital based programmes
    2. Children and family (5+) - school and community-based programmes
  • NHS Health Checks to address inequalities and gaps in current provision
  • Mental and emotional wellbeing - 5 ways to wellbeing programme
  • Alcohol screening and brief advice
  • Substance use screening and referral
  • Gambling screening and referral
  • Healthy conversations training - brief advice for healthcare, schools, and voluntary care sector
  • Social marketing e.g targeted campaigns with local information

The Integrated Wellbeing Service will focus on taking a life course approach to prevent ill health and value the health and wellbeing of both current, and future generations. Addressing the wider elements of health will help improve overall health and the conditions which people are born, live and work.

Image above has been extracted from the UK Government’s webpage relating to “Prevention – a life course approach” guidance


To help the Council make sure that services meet the current needs and demands of the population, we are asking service users, strategic partners, and local services for their views. The Council are also keen to hear the views of the wider public, those who may wish to access health improvement services directly or support services in the future.

Engagement and consultation on the Council’s proposals will take place in two stages:


Engagement and consultation stage


Stage one

To inform the development of an Integrated Wellbeing Service model

Stage two

To refine and finalise an Integrated Wellbeing Service model


Your feedback will help the strategic commissioning process to:

  • Understand how services can be structured to best meet the needs of current and future service users across Nottingham.
  • Achieve the best health outcomes possible with the funding available, and to understand how these outcomes can be met whilst ensuring Best Value.
  • Identify the key issues around services, so that we can agree what our priorities in Nottingham should be for the coming years.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to best utilise and improve pathways and links between services.

This is your opportunity to tell us what you think about the Council’s proposals. To download our PowerPoint slideshow and view the vision and the broad proposals please click here.

The consultation is live until Tuesday 30th May 2023.

You can complete our only online survey by clicking the "Take the survey" button at the top of this page.

If you require a paper copy, large print or braille of the proposal information or survey, or help with translation, please email us on

For further information relating to Nottingham City Council’s Public Health department, please visit the webpage here.