We are seeking your views on our proposed Additional HMO licensing scheme. Find links to the relevant info on this page.

Additional HMO licensing

Consultation Details

Consultation open 01 March 2023 to 24 May 2023

We are seeking your views on our proposed Additional HMO licensing scheme. Find links to the relevant info on this page.

This licensing scheme would help to provide a greater choice of safe, good quality and well-managed accommodation in Nottingham.

What is Additional HMO Licensing?

Additional Licensing is a power available to local authorities under the Housing Act 2004 to licence privately rented Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs). The Council can designate an area where it believes that certain statutory tests are met. Essentially these are areas where the authority (the council) must consider that a significant proportion of the HMOs of that description in the area are being managed sufficiently ineffectively to give rise, or to be likely to give rise, to one or more particular problems either for those occupying the HMOs or for members of the public. This can cause problems such as poor property conditions and antisocial behaviour, which affect those occupying the properties and wider community.

Why introduce Additional HMO licensing?

Privately rented housing has grown considerably within Nottingham and is an important part of providing a range of housing in the city, so it is important that the properties:

  • are of a good standard
  • are well managed

An Additional HMO licensing scheme would help to:

  • improve property conditions
  • improve the quality of our neighbourhoods, to support safe, inclusive and cohesive communities.

How can I find out more about the scheme?

More information about the scheme can be found here in the February 2023 executive board report and associated documents: 

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There will be a number of consultation events happening across the city and online.

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