Improving where you live – we want your ideas

Springhead and Holwood Court

This consultation closed on 05 February 2023

Consultation Details

Improving where you live – we want your ideas

We know from talking to residents that an area of the local neighbourhood you would like to see improved is the unused, derelict land by the side of Springhead and Holwood Court flats (highlighted red in the map below).

This is an area that is unfortunately regularly fly-tipped and has seen incidents of anti-social behaviour.

We want to work with you to develop this area to create a space that local residents can come to, use and enjoy. We’ll need to apply for funding to be able to do that, but first of all we want your ideas on what we could do with the space that would appeal and be of benefit to you and your neighbours.

To help us get those views, we’ve produced a short survey that we’d like you to complete. You have until 5th February to give us your views and as a thank you, everybody who does this and provides their contact details will go into a prize draw to win a £20 shopping voucher.

We’ll use what you’ve told us to work up some more detailed options based on your feedback. We’ll ask for your thoughts and ideas on those as well before finalising our plans and making the funding application to be able to make the improvements.

We look forward to working with you to create a safe, welcoming and useful space for the whole neighbourhood to enjoy.

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