The council is looking to introduce a new Selective Licensing scheme for private rented properties.

Selective Licensing

This consultation closed on 22 August 2022

Consultation Details

The council is looking to introduce a new Selective Licensing scheme for private rented properties.

This licence would help to provide a greater choice of safe, good quality and well-managed accommodation in Nottingham.

What is Selective Licensing?

A Selective Licence means that all landlords with any privately rented properties in a selected area will need a licence for these properties.

The council believe a new licensing scheme should be considered based on:

  • significant or persistent problems caused by anti-social behaviour
  • poor property conditions
  • high levels of deprivation
  • high levels of crime

Introducing a new Selective Licensing scheme will help to improve these issues.

All privately rented properties within the proposed areas would need a Selective Licence.

Why introduce Selective Licensing?

Privately rented housing has grown considerably within Nottingham and is an important part of providing a range of housing in the city, so it is important that the properties:

  • are of a good standard
  • are well managed

A Selective Licensing scheme would help to:

  • improve property conditions
  • improve the quality of our neighbourhoods, to support safe, inclusive and cohesive communities.

What areas are cover by the licence?

You can see which areas are covered by the proposed licence HERE

How much would a licence cost?

You can see the proposed fees HERE

How can I find out more about the scheme?

More information about the scheme can be found in the below documents -

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In person events

There will be a number of consultation events happening across the city and online.

There will be designated times and certain events where there will be presentations on the when service managers will be present to answer questions.

You can find a full list of the online and in-person events HERE

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Selective Licensing Scheme Survey
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