Nottingham City Council have begun the second round of consultation on Libraries in the city

Nottingham Libraries - The Next Chapter

This consultation closed on 24 April 2022

Consultation Details

Nottingham City Council have begun the second round of consultation on Libraries in the city

Give us your views on proposed changes to Nottingham City Libraries

Nottingham City Council is launching a 12-week public consultation on proposed changes to its library service.

Update: We now have an easy-read alternative version which can be found HERE.

Launching on Monday 31 January, the consultation recommends a number of changes to buildings and ways of working, including the closure of three libraries that have some of the lowest usage and highest costs – and that have better, more modern facilities located nearby.

This follows on from a consultation undertaken last year where over 1,700 responses were received, helping the council to take a detailed review of the service’s performance.

The proposals are being put forward as the City Council takes action to make £28m of savings in its 2022/23 budget and set a medium-term financial plan for the next four years to place the authority on a stable financial footing.

In light of the council’s difficult financial situation, it is hoped that the proposed transformation will help the library service adapt and become more cost-effective, while also ensuring the needs of Nottingham’s residents continue to be met.

Libraries still have an important role to play in supporting the city and its communities, but the ways people use library services have changed and will continue to do so. The council is looking at how the service could be delivered in new ways and is asking people to get involved and say what they think about the proposals, to help determine a long-term plan.

Councillor David Mellen, Leader of Nottingham City Council said: “We know that libraries are important, and it is with regret that we propose any closures. However, we need to be realistic and resourceful about meeting the needs of our residents. It is important now that you tell us what you want, expect and need from a modern library service in Nottingham.

“No decisions on any of the proposals being discussed have been made or will be made until we consider your views. We would appreciate you responding to our survey to help inform the City Council about shaping its future library service. Help us write The Next Chapter.”