Give your feedback on the Budget Consultation Proposals for 2019/20

Budget Consultation 2019/2020

This consultation closed on 04 March 2019

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Give your feedback on the Budget Consultation Proposals for 2019/20


Nottingham City Council’s main Government funding has been cut by three quarters since 2013 – from £127m to just £25m for the next year.

This means more money needs to be raised through Council Tax to support services – and with 70% of our budget now spent on children’s services and adult social care, this puts a squeeze on all other services.

So once again, local people and businesses will pay more while the Government pays less to fund council services.

Council Tax is proposed to increase by 2.99%. This comes on top of increases over the last two years expected by the Government to help meet the rising demand for adult social care. Not only is Council Tax likely to rise by 2.99% but the Government is expecting an extra increase to pay for more police.

As in previous years, the council is doing what it can to offset the impact of the Government’s cuts. This includes bringing in over £20m a year through commercial activities such as reducing energy bills and generating income from installing solar panels on council buildings, increasing income from the Royal Centre and opening cafes. Key services that many councils are cutting are being protected as much as possible, including children’s centres and libraries, tackling crime and anti-social behaviour, keeping the city clean, protecting children and supporting vulnerable elderly people. The council is also continuing its commitment to tackle homelessness.

Some of the proposed savings over the next three years, which were discussed by the council’s Executive Board on Tuesday 18 December 2018 are:

  • Reducing the number of Link Bus services
  • Increasing some charges for council services
  • A range of changes to adult social care
  • Reducing contributions to the NGY youth centre
  • An initial reduction of around 27 jobs