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Our memory packs that can be borrowed from libraries are very popular.

So we have put together these online mini versions to continue our support for people with dementia and their carers. 

Each eMemory Pack is a collection of photographs, with information and conversation starters, which help to stimulate memories and encourage sharing. There are other great free resources online too. We've found good websites for music and activities, to help stimulate the brain and trigger memories.

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Click on each heading below to look at the eMemory Pack, scroll down in each one to see it all.


Did you know Goose Fair used to be in Old Market Square?

This picture shows the old Exchange Building during an RSPCA parade in 1906.  

Photographer: Francis Frith

Credit:Nottingham Local Studies Collection


This picture shows the new Council House and Market Square in about 1975.

Can you see Dolcis shoe shop (on the left) and the fountains?

Photographer: Lloyd

Credit:Nottingham Local Studies Collection


On the High Street, behind Exchange Buildings, this used to be Boots the Chemist. In this picture from 1989 it is Spoils kitchen reject shop, Four Corners and Monsoon clothing.

A fresh fruit stall can be seen in that same spot in front of the building today.


Credit:Nottingham Local Studies Collection


Trolley buses outside Nottingham Victoria Station, Milton Street, 1953. This picture is looking north along Milton Street,
with a trolley bus, a taxi rank and parking along the street. 

Photographer: G H F Atkins Credit: Nottingham Local Studies collection


This was the last passenger train from Nottingham Victoria Station in 1967. Nottingham Victoria Station was where
Victoria Centre now stands (you can still see the clock tower today that is in the picture above).  The station itself was in a
cavern below street level, the remains of which can be seen in the Victoria Centre car park.

Photographer: Nottingham Guardian Journal, Credit: Nottingham Local Studies collection


Fellows, Morton & Clayton Wharf, Nottingham Canal in 1999. These buildings have both been converted in to pubs, but there are plenty of barges still travelling past to Castle Marina, the River Leen and beyond.

Photographer: Dorothy Ritchie, Credit: Nottingham Local Studies collection


Women workers among piles of beautiful Nottingham lace. One of numerous parts of the lace making process, the women in
the finishing department here worked for Thomas Adams Ltd on Nottingham Road.  This print was taken from the commemorative
book of the royal visit to the Adams factory by King George V and Queen Mary on 24 June 1914.

Photographer: Waterlow Bros & Layton Ltd. Credit: Nottingham City Council


Shipstone's Star Brewery, Radford Road in 1994. Shipstone's was founded in 1852 on this site behind the Horse and Groom pub.
The pub was moved to make way for this bigger building and Shipstone's Brewery is still going today as a micro brewery on Church Street
in Basford, not far from this building. Nottingham has a long history of making beer since the middle ages, when it was safer to drink small beer than the water!

Photographer: Bernard Beilby. Credit: Nottingham Local Studies collection


Clifton Colliery, flooded in March 1947. This picture shows Colliery Road at the side of Wilford Power Station and Clifton Colliery.
The site is now Riverside Retail Park, where the big B&Q is. Mining was a major industry in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, particularly between the late 1800s and right up to the 1980s. There were many hazards including, cave ins, explosions, gas and, as you can see here, flooding.

Credit: Nottingham Local Studies Library.


Music Memories with BBC rewind

Play music clips from around the world, local traditional and social music, including football and pub songs, religious songs and nursery rhymes. From this selection you can create your own playlist of personally meaningful music.

The website also has BBC Memory Radio featuring specially selected content from the BBC Radio Archives. Currently, there are three 90 minutes programmes covering the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Each programme is accompanied by a downloadable Activity Sheet which contains suggested conversation topics, information about the content and quizzes.


Play list for life, connecting through music

Playlist for Life is a charity founded by writer and broadcaster Sally Magnusson after the death of her mother, who had dementia. Research has shown that listening to a personal playlist can make living with dementia easier and happier. Playlist wants everyone with dementia to have a unique, personal playlist and everyone who loves or cares for them to know how to use it



Jigsaw puzzles online you can do them just for fun or as a speed challenge. Our Nottingham Archaeology team have created small, medium and large puzzles from local scenes.


Or try the artworks and images from our friends at Barnsley Museums



Adult colouring has become popular in recent years and as well as purchasing colouring books for adults you can find free downloadable colouring pages too, as long as you have access to a printer of course! Or search for colouring apps for adults and children and colour using your phone, iPad or tablet.

Publishers of craft books as well as online craft shops can also be a useful source of ideas too, not only for colouring sheets but also quizzes and other fun activities. Here are a selection we found:






Art and artefacts:

The Armchair Gallery is an app developed by Nottingham’s City Arts to bring world-class art and culture to our living rooms.

With special features for people living with dementia, you can discover, play & create with your favourite artists. Including artworks and artefacts from the collections of Chatsworth House, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, The Lowry, Dulwich Picture Gallery, Pitt Rivers Museum and Mr Straw’s House & Newstead Abbey.




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