School Admissions Appeals


If your request for a school place is turned down you can appeal to an independent appeal panel.


Your decision letter will give you further details about how to lodge an appeal. Click on the links below to read guidance on school appeals.

For academies, church and trust schools, and schools outside Nottingham City, your decision letter will advise you of how to make an appeal and who will deal with this.

For community or voluntary controlled schools and any academy that has requested this service, the appeals process is dealt with by the School Appeals Team in the Constitutional Services Department of the City Council, who are independent of Children and Adults.

If your child is refused a school place the decision letter sent from the School Admissions Team will include details of why you have been refused and how to appeal against that refusal.

The deadline for you to return your completed appeal form will be at least 20 school days from the date of the decision letter. The exact deadline date will be set out in that letter.


Admission Appeals Timetables

School Appeals Team Constitutional Services

School admission appeals are administered independently through the School Appeals Team, part of Constitutional Services at Nottingham City Council.  For more information on this team or the appeal process please click here.

Making an Appeal

If you want to appeal for a school using the School Appeals Team Service you can follow the links below or print a PDF version. You can contact the School Admissions Team on 0115 841 5568 to get a paper copy sent out. Select the appeal form for the academic year your appeal relates to.

Reception and Year 7, September 2018 Refusal Information

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