Fixed Period Exclusion

Most fixed period exclusions are for short periods of five days or fewer. Pupils who misbehave during the lunch break may be excluded for lunchtimes only. Each lunchtime exclusion counts as half a day exclusion statistically.

A pupil may not be excluded for more than 45 days’ in total in one school year.

What you should expect

  • The school will ideally contact you directly on the day the exclusion is issued either by telephone or in person, but they must send you a letter giving information about the exclusion by the next day. During the exclusion your child is not legally allowed on the school site and you have a duty to make sure that they are not found in a public place.  Work must be provided by the school to be completed during the exclusion period
  • If an exclusion is longer than 5 days, your school must arrange an alternative suitable full-time education (for example at another school) from the sixth day until the end of their exclusion
  • When an exclusion or multiple exclusions go over 15 school days in total, the governing body of the school will need to hold a meeting to review the exclusion (s). You and your child will be invited to attend
  • The school may want to hold a reintegration meeting which provides an opportunity for you, your child and the school to work together to avoid further exclusion
  • The school may exclude for a fixed period initially, pending further investigation. This may lead to a longer exclusion or even permanent exclusion dependant on the findings of the investigation

What shouldn’t be happening

  • Your child should not be sent home to ‘cool off’. This is an illegal exclusion. If there has been a serious issue resulting in your child being unable to attend school, then an official exclusion should be issued
  • You should not be told to remove your child from school to be home educated or until your child can transfer to another school. This is an illegal exclusion and will not help solve the situation or speed up the process
  • Your child should not be excluded for not doing homework, poor attendance, poor grades or breaking the school rules on appearance (except when this is repeated or the pupil is defiant about the rules)
  • Your child should not be excluded without a return date. This is the legal date when your child should be back in school. This should not be left open or be conditional on attending a reintegration meeting (however, attending a reintegration meeting is important)
  • If your child is excluded for more than 5 days, sending work home from the sixth day of the exclusion is not classed as suitable full-time education
  • If your attending a governors meeting, the governors have the power to upheld or reduce the exclusion, they cannot increase the length or convert to a permanent exclusion

More information

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