Alternatives to exclusion

Managed Moves

Sometimes parents and schools may agree that a new start in a different school would benefit a child who is at risk of exclusion. The transfer can then be arranged between the two schools. This is known as a ‘managed move’ and is usually on a trial basis in the first instance.

Guidance is clear that schools must not use the threat of exclusion to get parents to take their child out of school. You do not have to agree to a managed move if you do not want to. This process will be managed though Fair Access process, but may not have the same priority.

Fair Access Protocol (FAP)

The FAP is a local agreement for placing some of the City’s most vulnerable or challenging children into the most appropriate education provision as quickly as possible. The protocol must also cover provision for children who are not yet ready to go back into mainstream schooling.

Permanently excluded children who are ready to reintegrate back into a mainstream school will have their case considered though the FAP. Children considered through the Fair Access Process are given higher priority for school places and may be offered at oversubscribed schools.

Alternative Provision

Schools and Learning Centers can use a range of alternative provision to try to prevent students from being excluded, or to re-engage students in their education.

Schools may also direct pupils off-site for education, to help improve their behaviour.

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