Employability In Schools Strategy

Ensuring that every young person in Nottingham City develops the skills they need to succeed in a job is one of the most important challenges we face

One of the Council’s top priorities in a competitive jobs market, young people need more than qualifications to secure employment; they also need the aspiration to work and be able to demonstrate that they have the ‘employability skills’ that all employers are looking for.

 One of the best ways for young people to develop these skills is for them to start interacting with employers during their time at school. The more they are exposed to employers, the better they will understand what behaviours and skills they will be expected to have developed by the time they end formal education.

 The Council recognises it is well placed to help schools and employers build the relationships that will support the development of these skills. We have made funding available to Schools to enable them to develop and deliver comprehensive ‘Employability and Careers’ programmes that all of their pupils can participate in.

 Nottingham City Council’s Employability in Schools Strategy can be found here.

 The Strategy outlines two priorities that we are working with schools to achieve:

  1. Ensure that all young people have had 10 contacts with employers by the time they leave fulltime education, through participation in a co-ordinated Employability and Careers Advice programme
  1. To increase the numbers of employers engaging with schools and supporting young people in developing the skills they need for the workplace

Nottingham City Council also fund Aspire to provide support to Nottingham Schools. Aspire is an education business partnership that offers primary and secondary school students a programme of activities and events to help them raise their levels of achievement and aspiration, gain relevant employability skills and develop an understanding of the world of work. More information including how schools and employers can get involved can be found here http://www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/education-and-schools/aspire/

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