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 DSL Network meeting  30th June 2022

Thank you to all who attended our Summer Term DSL Network, we appreciate you taking the time to attend these events which support your safeguarding children knowledge and keep you up to date with both local and national news. Please see the presentation below.

DSL presentation 30th June 2022


 DSL Network meeting  2nd February 2022

 DSL Presentation 2nd February 2022


DSL Network meeting 13th October 2021 -Thank you to all those who attended our October network, please see the presentation below and documents relating to items discussed.


Presentations 2017 - Summer 2021


Resources and other Multi Agency Training

NEW! Updated Early Years Training Pathways: To ensure that your staff are attending training appropriate for their role please see our Safeguarding Training Pathways

NEW! Nottingham City Threshold of Needs - Getting the Right support at the Right Time for Nottingham City's Children and Families

Previously known as the 'Family Support Pathway' Nottingham City Threshold of Needs Guidance has been developed by Nottingham City’s Safeguarding Partnership  alongside multi-agency partners for practitioners and their managers in agencies working with children and families in Nottingham City.

The purpose of the guidance is to assist with decision making in order that children and families receive the right help at the right time from the most appropriate service(s) and at the right level.

Other Resources:

NHS Nottingham City CCG have commissioned a video animation aimed at citizens to encourage them to attend medical appointments, and to take children and adults they care for to their appointments.  The animation is aimed at raising awareness about the consequences of missing appointments and to ensure that children and adults get the medical care that they need.

The animation is a follow-on from the Rethinking ‘Did Not Attend’ video which acted as a powerful reminder that children do not take themselves to appointments, and for practitioners to reflect on the impact of missed appointments on a child’s wellbeing.

CGL Jigsaw Hidden Harm series: Have you heard of the term 'Hidden Harm', but not sure what it means or what impact it has on those affected by it? Watch the first video clip in CGL Jigsaw Nottingham series of what it is ...What is... Hidden Harm'

  • Child L Learning Brief:  In 2017 the NCSCB completed a learning review on a case where significant concerns were raised about home conditions following the unexpected death of an infant. The death was in no way connected to the home conditions, however professionals responding to the death felt that the severity of the home conditions were such that they warranted review
  • Modern Slavery Free e-learning  This online resource provides an overview of the issue of modern slavery and is aimed at helping healthcare staff recognise the signs that someone has been trafficked, and to take appropriate action with confidence
  • Terms and phrases relating to child sexual abuseThe Victims and Survivors’ Consultative Panel (VSCP), work with the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse to ensure the needs and perspectives of victims and survivors are reflected in the Inquiry’s on-going work
  • FGM information Update Post SummerEarly Years Staff reminded of the need to be vigilant regarding FGM in the Autumn term, following the ‘cutting season
  • Watch our video animation Rethinking ‘Did Not Attend’  here  The animation is a powerful reminder that children do not take themselves to appointments, and for practitioners to reflect on the impact of missed appointments on a child’s wellbeing
  • NCSCB- E Learning and information A variety of E-Learning produced by partners including Prevent, Safer Sleeping, FGM etc
  • Download Bite Sized Learning from SRCs    
  • More Bite Sized Learning Sheets

'The bitesize learning resources are excellent. They were informative, not overly jargonistic or difficult to understand and accessible’  Comment from a Nottingham Practitioner

'Nottingham City Safeguarding Board Newsletter:  Nottingham City Safeguarding Children Board (NCSCB) publicises a regular ‘Stay Connected’ e bulletin newsletter. To read the most recent and sign up for the newsletter go to:



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