The Common Inspection Framework (CIF) aligns inspection across all of the different education remits and will provide consistency and comparable data across the inspection of different remits.

The CIF applies to early years settings, maintained schools and academies, non-association independent schools and further education and skills providers.

Great leadership and management is at the heart of the CIF which will come into force September 2015 using the new Early Years Inspection Handbook (including the Inspectors Evaluation Schedule); inspectors will look at vision and ambition for all children. They will want to see how leaders set the culture of their settings, particularly the most disadvantaged, to ensure all children make progress from their different starting points.

Ofsted will be looking to leadership first and making sure they have identified strengths and weaknesses within themselves and others. Inspectors will give recognition for leaders that identify weaknesses and have a firm hold on strategies to address them.

Many aspects of the early years inspection has stayed the same, Ofsted have kept what is working and built on previous improvements. The judgement on outcomes for children is new for early years providers.


The documents below can be found on the Ofsted website:
  • Annual Report
  • Framework for the regulation of provision on the Early Years Register
  • Inspection guidance for inspecting provision on the Early Years register following the risk assessment process
  • Framework for the regulation of provision on the Childcare Register
  • Requirements for the Childcare Register: childcare providers on non-domestic or domestic premises
  • Useful information for Early Years or Childcare Voluntary Management Committees
  • Registering school-based provision