Monitoring childcare sufficiency: Nottingham City Council has a duty to secure free early years provision for eligible 2, 3 and 4 year-olds and ensure that there is sufficient childcare for working parents.

Sufficient, accessible and high quality childcare is significant in promoting school readiness; widening access to employment and study for parents; as well as maximising opportunities for families to benefit from the economic, social and health benefits of employment.

As part of our childcare sufficiency responsibilities, the Local Authority publishes a full Childcare Sufficiency Assessment report on a three yearly cycle, considering demand, supply and accessibility in order to identify any gaps in childcare services and reports annually to elected members. This is followed by bi annual refreshes of the data.

We are pleased to publish the Autumn term 2021 Childcare Sufficiency Summary Report.

The latest Nottingham City Early Years CSA Scorecard is available to download below.

Autumn Term 2021 Nottingham City Council Childcare Sufficiency Assessment

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